How to Download Anything For Free with Torrents!

In this article, I am going to explain about how to use torrents to download anything free. Torrents are the most popular form of person to person (P2P) file sharing. The torrent community has now grown to millions of users worldwide. Torrent downloading is extremely easy to use and they are free.

How to get started using torrents :-

This guide will help you start downloading software,movies,games,eBooks,TV shows and almost anything! (of course for Free ! )

we need to download BitTorrent Client. It will do the downloading for you.
Currently,the most popular client program uTorrent.

Download Link :- Click here

Install it ! From now on, all .torrent files will open using uTorrent !

Next, you just need to search the web for torrents of files and software that you would like to download.

Some of my favorite Torrent sites.


2. Mininova

3. Demonoid

4. Isohunt

5. BTJunkie

6. Torrentz

7. Meganova

8. Bittorent

9. Sumotorrent

10. TorrentBox

So, This is it! I hope you like it :)

Stay tuned for interesting articles !